Robert magazine


Robert Maxwell is owner/editor of Thrice Cooked: an online soap box for all things food, cooking and restaurants. A ragged and humbled recovering former restaurateur, Robert’s experience is meant to be teachable.

During office hours, he works for the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

Perhaps it came from watching too many cookery shows during his childhood. Or maybe it was because the food he grew up with wasn’t particularly good. Perhaps, like the mother of invention, his interest in operating a stove astutely was born from necessity.  He grew up, moved out, married his sweetheart, Dorothy, and became a keen home cook­—it was just a hobby. But around the time his second daughter was born, something unusual started to burn within him. It glowed like neon:  Robert was going to own and operate his own restaurant. It was a certainty and eventually he did it. Sort of.What followed could very well provide the script to a 1980’s sitcom or Greek Tragedy, or more likely, somewhere in between. The restaurant adventure is now over, the reins handed over to much more capable hands.  Robert slinks away to lick his wounds and maybe write about it. Herein lies the writing of a neurotic fool with the best of intentions and the worst of luck. This is Thrice Cooked.